South Africa's Widest Ferrari 488 GTB's

When buying a R7,000,000 supercar isn't enough.

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The sayings, "Wide Body", "Phat", "Rivet Kit", the name Liberty Walk, Vorsteiner and Novitec start to make their way into your mind, sometimes not always because you want them to, but because the niche has fast become a household name in the supercar domain and especially when some wealthy individual is getting tired of driving their run of the mil, multi million rand (ZAR) supercar.

In this case there is a new supercar contender which has recently made its way onto the supercar aftermarket listings, the Ferrari 488 GTB. The V8 Twin Turbo trackday powerhouse!

Naturally, Kato-San and the guys from Liberty walk jumped right on it and launched the 488 at Tokyo Auto Salon earlier this year. It took some time but finally made its way to the shores of South Africa and straight into Official Liberty Walk fitters and installers, RACE!

The Ferrari 488 GTB is not walking without boasting of Liberty Walk’s signature modifications – it is fitted with extra-wide body kit and is lowered right to the ground. These modifications gave this turbocharged Ferrari a lower “Stanced/Track-Ready” appearance.

The wide-arch fenders help give the GTB that wide low aesthetic, helping the car appear much more aggressive and corner eating, curb hugging monster. The massive 22" 3-piece Forgiato wheels are used in most of the Liberty Walk applications as a partner of the brand to help bring the car together tastefully, under one umbrella.

Carbon accents have been added all over the car to really break the flat Grey Wrap and gloss blacks.

The voice of this beast is brought through the Satin Blacked tipped Titanium Fi-Exhaust system.



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On the other spectrum of the wide body scale, we have the very sleek, very sexy, VERY VERY Limited Notivec N-Largo Series 488 GTB.

Right next to the 488 GTB Liberty Walk widebody, we were graced with this 1 / 12 in the World Novitec N-Largo 488 GTB's.

We'll start with the obvious, those curvaceous new hips that immediately set the N-Largo apart from regular Ferrari 488s. Novitec created their own carbon fiber widebody fenders for all four corners, adding 5.5 inches of width above the rear axle and 2.75 inches up front. In addition to looking badass, they're specifically designed to improve airflow to the brakes and engine, through a series of well-placed air intakes.

Those fenders are complimented by a set of 21-inch front/22-inch rear forged Novitec wheels, a sport suspension that's lowered by about 1.4 inches compared to the stock supercar, a large wing, and a set of custom bumpers that aim to increase downforce. The rear bumper design in particular is noteworthy, as the flat, angular look it gives the new back end is a direct homage to one of Maranello's finest creations, the Ferrari F40.

Novitec pegs the important figures at 772 horsepower (a gain of 102 hp from stock) and 658 lb-ft of torque (up 97 lb-ft), with a 0-60 mph time of just 2.8 seconds and a 213 mph top speed. That would put the N-Largo's performance a bit above the V-12-engined Ferrari F12 berlinetta and just below the new Ferrari 812 Superfast.

ther goodies include a completely customizable interior, an electronic exhaust modulator, and a front-lift system that can raise the front end 1.5 inches to help conquer the most stubborn parking lot access ramp.

What are your thoughts and these 2 contenders?

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