Southern cross - RWB Australia

2y ago


The hand-crafted widebody Porsches that Akira Nakai creates are undoubtedly beautiful pieces of artwork, and there is no sitting on the fence with these creations. The purists can't bare to see the cars being cut up, and others are left mesmerised by the pumped, wide hips these cars attain.

I have known Nakai-san for nearing a decade, and first visited him to hunt out his own personal 930 'Stella Artois' for a magazine photoshoot. I liked his artistic approach to building, and we struck up a close friendship which has continued through to today. So when the southern hemisphere secured their first build I headed over to have a look.

With Nakai-san flying all around the world to build, it had been a while since I had been able to sit back and watch him work his magic. The transformation the cars take is insane, and the speed in which it all happens is incredible too. From start to finish in approximately hours of contact time.

The first one was named 'Southern Cross' by Nakai-san after the train station in Melbourne. As the gold window banner went on, it was time to welcome RWB into the southern hemisphere.

Hakama skirts, low-slung rubber lip, and rear fender wings makes Southern Cross look super aggressive yet the colour tone softens up the angry looks.

Many of you might have noticed a range of different wheels adorning the overseas builds in this day and age, yet Chern has gone with a traditional classic of Nakai-san. Work M1 wheels shrouded in Pirelli rubber. The brushed lip and gold centres compliments the paint hue so well!

This 930 looks fantastic from almost every angle. It looks amazing sitting still, and even better rolling around the streets of Melbourne.

Although despite all the fenders, wide wings, deep dished wheels the biggest surprise is seeing the car before and after it's incredible transformation. I guess you could peg it 'from b***h to bull'.

Image: RWB Australia.