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W​e do it differently over here.

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K​entucky is a unique state. It's really only known for a few things. Corvettes, Horse Racing, Bourbon, and yeehaw hillbillies. Living in various parts of Kentucky my entire life, I can safely say, yeah all that's true. But for as big of a state that Kentucky is, there are some truly amazing cars that come out to play or show off.

A​ few years ago I attended a show put on by this group, and was honestly a bit let down. The turn out was small, it cost money to get in, and it seemed like 90% of the cars that showed up were pretty much cookie cutter copies of each others style. You know those people, the same people who said "I just wanted to do something different", and it's just something that they and about a million other people copied from the internet. But don't let that discourage you, this isn't a bash on those people. Because at the end of the day, as long as you are happy - that is all that matters right?

I​ wanted to attend the #GridLife event that was the day before this event in Bowling Green Ky, at the National Corvette Museum race track. It's more my style, because I have a love for a functional built car. Plus wheel to wheel racing is always awesome. But as Friday came to a close, and Saturday morning approached I felt like crap. So I decided to stay home, and rest up. If I felt better on Sunday, I'd head down to Louisville, which is about only an hour from my home, and check out Southern Roots. Give it a second chance.

I​t really helped that the Southern Roots event was being hosted mid-afternoon, and on a Sunday. I work nights, so I'm normally not going to bed until about 5am, rising to great a new day at 12pm. I really hate waking up early, so for me to rise and shine before noon, it better be worth it! Oh and as an added bonus, it was being hosted as a "meet" and not a show. So no awards, no goofy games like car limbo, just people getting together and enjoying the atmosphere. To me, these are the events I want to attend, No BS, just cars, and people who love cars.

A​s I pulled in, there were maybe 5-6 cars already parked. I showed up a bit early, to have choice parking, and not really knowing what to expect on how large/small the event would be. There were some rain clouds hanging around, but only occasionally spitting a drop or two out. And despite the mostly dark afternoon skies, it didn't slow down the attendance of this show. I'll admit now, a few hours into my time at this event, I was pretty impressed with how large it was, as more and more cars cruised on in.

I​'m all about variety when it comes to attending events. That's my attraction to the "Cars and Coffee" events hosted near where I live. You get a bit of everything. And when I pull up and see a modified Tesla and Camry, it's off to a good start. By the time I applied some quick detailer to my Lexus, the parking lot slowly but surely was starting to fill up. I really don't spend time talking to people as I'm a bit of a loner. But occasionally as I walked around I'd have a quick conversation with someone. And it's kind of funny because I'm never around my own car during these events. I'm always out taking photos of others. Wonder what people even think of it?

A​s I'm walking around, parking started getting sparse. And slowly but surely people just started parking along side the curb. You can only circle the parking area so many times before you give up I suppose. And honestly, those who parked curb side, put them selves in a much better spot for photos. Happy little accidents right?

E​ven a few super cars, and near super cars came out. Lambos, Lotus, Maserati, Audi, and Porsche. All mixing in with $3K beaters, RHD imports, drift missiles, show cars, and daily drivers. A widebody Evora stole the show despite rolling in with a Lamborghini Murcielago because of it's crazy wide body and vivid color vinyl wrap. And that's pretty understandable because, how often do you see a Evora, let alone a wide body Evora? And then a Diablo rolls in. Stuck parking in the back corner, a crowd would be drawn to it. Maybe its the noise it makes, maybe it was the scissor doors being spotted going up. But it certainly grabbed a lot of attention as well. Again, not a car you see driving around very often. At least not here in Kentucky.

S​o you may not think of Kentucky as being some automotive playground, or mecca for modified cars. But I like to think we manage to hold our own. Sure the small local gatherings may be crap in some parts (mine included), but at times, you see real gems get brought out and truly unique things. And remember, this is the same state that builds the Corvette, F150, and Toyota Camry. We have a decent automotive industry in the state, including automotive aftermarket companies like Haltec, Dynosty, Paco Motorsports (creator of the lifted mx5), and many others.

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  • Living in louisville i had no clue bout this kind of culture thanks

      20 days ago
  • I’m impressed. Your auto show looks more interesting than anything around where I live. Enjoyed your article.

      23 days ago
  • Sorry. Kentucky is not “the South”. Your whole article is built on a false title!!! :)

      22 days ago
    • Judging by the civil war, where slaves were not free unt they crossed the ohio river, that makes ky the south.

        22 days ago
    • Also, the meet/event is called and put on by a group called Southern Roots... K bye.

        22 days ago
  • I once lived in Kentucky and was actually born there

    I miss it now

      22 days ago