2y ago


Since 6 years or so, I'm more and more into older cars. Modern cars keep evolving, but somehow they don't impress me that much any more. Not so with a 60s Alfa Romeo for example. If anything, they get even more legendary. So the first time I visited a classic race, it really was a true eye opener. The 2014 edition of the Spa Summer Classic event to be exact. As the name suggests, the weather was dreadful that day. (Spa insider joke)

I just loved the way the different 'teams' handled their weekend. Some guy used the trunk of his Mondeo as workshop. Other teams working at an (almost) professional level with hospitality tents and service trucks. For me that's one of the biggest charms in amateur racing.

My favorite car, the Alfa Romeo Giulia. This is the Giardinetta (wagon) version, quite rare actually. So I was surprised to see it in the paddock.

The other thing that always strikes me at these events, the accessibility. No nervous security guys standing around the paddock. Hell, if I wanted to walk into the pitboxes and not bother anyone. It wouldn't be a problem. So that's exactly what we did.

When we got there, the mechanics were starting up classic F3 cars. For 30 minutes on end they sat next to their cars, rhythmically pulling the throttle controls. An awesome sound filled the room. But somehow the sight of it was rather funny, at least something that always stuck with me.

And finally my favourite part of classic racing. There's literally always something happening. The cars bounce around when cornering. Growling and spitting and look fantastic while doing so. What's not to love?

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