SPACE ODYSSEY. Meet the New Sci-Fi Bobber From Singapore’s Bandit9

1y ago


Singapore’s Bandit9 motorcycles aren’t ones for nostalgia. They’re not into tank swaps, oil leaks, bolt-on parts or recycled ideas either. Rather than revive or emulate the halcyon days of motorcycling they do their own thing – this time producing a limited run the ‘Odyssey’, a bike so clean it makes the term ‘understated’ feel understated.

If you’re late to the Bandit9 party you’re due for a quick rundown. A few years ago the team were on a roll, producing build after build, each knocking their brief out of the park. Then they went a little dark for a while, slowing production down due to some personal issues. A few months back they reappeared, releasing an incredible sci-fi themed Bobber. And now the Odyssey. We’re pretty sure they’re on that roll again.


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