Spam issue on DriveTribe

An apology to the Community

3y ago

The DriveTribe team strives to build a safe and spam-free space for you to share and enjoy your passion for anything on wheels.

This morning we let you down.

Our new Live Chat feature was temporarily compromised by spammers. We responded quickly, but not quickly enough to stop some users receiving unwanted notifications.

I wanted to personally apologise to you for this failure and reassure you that we’re making every effort to make DriveTribe something you can trust and enjoy.

If you’d like to contact the team directly, about this matter or anything else, please email


Product Director @ DriveTribe

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Comments (6)

  • You guys have been doing a terrific job in my estimation. Keep up the excellent work.


      3 years ago
  • Dammit, Tom! Dammit! I'm so unsafe right now! I feel like an American supermodel walking buck-starched naked down main street Baghdad.

      3 years ago
  • Does that mean that the girls who commented on my posts won't be coming over?

      3 years ago
  • there is also have a huge problem going on with tribes! They all suck... you might try restarting the website and signing up all new users.

    You're welcome,

    The wank

      3 years ago
  • What happened? I didn't realise anything happend because you were so fast...

      3 years ago