- One of the best liveries ever?

Spark's 1/43 917LH Hippie is a nice recreation

I had to add the 1/43 to my collection to be with my 1/18 and 1/64

Spark is one of the top dogs when it comes to 1/43 scale (and 1/64 and 1/18 models too). So when I saw this one was coming I went and pre-ordered as quickly as possible. Turns out some 1/43s are getting difficult to find at decent prices if you don't pre-order them these days (such as the Wynns Ford GT and Mercedes GT GT3 cars).

I've learned in this diecast world that if I see something coming out new that I will have in the collection need to jump on it. A lot of these models can see their prices double or more on the second hand market. I had no clue my Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale would hit the $400 mark secondhand when I paid $180 new...

Will this one shoot up in price on the secondhand market? Eh, I doubt it. There are other versions available from other marks like CMR and Minichamps in this scale, so I am willing to guess it'll stay around the same price as new.

More pics!

Cheers LaLD!

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