SPEC-WATCH: Ferrari 812 Superfast

40w ago


Let’s not beat around the bush, we have never been a fan of the 812’s punctured face. You pay what is essentially, three-quarters of a million dollars for your super-grand-tourer (we’re gonna trademark that) and you don’t even get a full front bumper or bonnet. With all those gaping holes, it’s practically a mobile golf course.

So we’ve tried to fix it.

A standing ovation please, for Defining Drives’ 812 Superfast, in, what we’re calling, ‘Clubsport Spec’. It’s practically an 812 TDF-Lite. Sort of.

Outside, we’ve gone for ‘Blue Scozia’, which renders the messy face a little more... subtle. Of course, we went for the racing alloys in matt black, with contrasting ‘Giallo Modena’ coloured bake calipers. And yes, we did indeed choose to option ‘carbon everything’, which was just about the most difficult decision we’ve ever made. Open the door, and you’ll find one of the loveliest interiors to ever see the light of day (if we don’t say so ourselves).

We’ve deliberately tried to channel the subtle-yet-somehow-still-menacing exterior vibe on the inside, with ‘Blue Medio’ alcantara seats, and some rather lovely, yellow-ish stitching to match the brakes. Oh, and we are particularly pleased with the black rev-tacho; a choice that’ll no doubt have some ‘Ferrari purists’ screaming “sacrilege”. They’re wrong.

Overall, we think it looks excellent.

No doubt you think you can do better. Which you can't. But it’ll be amusing to see you try anyway.

So go on then, scramble on over to the 812 Configurator and post a screen-shot of your “dream spec” in the comments below. You can find the configurator here: http://car-configurator.ferrari.com/812superfast

Just be prepared for some strong, shouty words.

Photography Credit: Manufacturer



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