40w ago


A little while back, we released a challenge, daring anyone and everyone to try and best our efforts at perfecting Ferrari's awkward-faced 812 Superfast. And you all failed. Miserably. Whilst scanning the wasteland of fallen warriors in the comments we came across one peculiar remark that caught our attention. Having somehow survived the ruthless battle, a certain individual had called, challenging us to a rematch. The only difference was this time, we were the ones to respond with a design of our own. We obliged.

The vehicle chosen was Maserati's GranTurismo MC Stradale- a car we hold very close to our hearts at Defining Drives. For one, it is achingly pretty and two, it produces an utterly invigorating sound that brings to mind images of an army of 9th Century vikings unleashing havoc upon a village of Irish peasants.

So here it is. Our response.

Before any of you start accusing us of unoriginality, slamming our design for being 'boring', know that you are all wrong. And uneducated. See, the paint we chose to spray on our Stradale is more than a mere 'creamy' shade of white. In fact, it's called 'Bianco Birdcage' and it arks back to the paint used on the legendary Masaratie Tipo 61 Birdcage' race car of the 1960s. So it has pedigree. It is also bloody expensive. According the UK configurator we used, it's a £7,200.00 option. Which is ridiculous. But worth it.

CREDIT: Lothar Spurzem (https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:Spurzem)

Inside, we attempted to continue channelling the spirit of the aforementioned Tipo 61 with 'Pelle - Blu Profundity' seats with contrasting 'Bianco' stitching. That said, the interior of GranTurismo has never been one of its strong points, and if we had it our way, we'd have redesigned it completely. Unfortunately, a 'total redesign' option was not found on the configurator.

As for the wheels- yes, we considered cladding our four-wheeled-Trident in blacked-out alloys, only to decide last-minute to opt for the '20'' polished Trofeo wheel rims' instead. A mature choice no doubt, but one we feel will ultimately stand the test of time better than the alternative.

All in all, we're rather proud of our efforts. Tasteful, subtly aggressive and dripping with pedigree.


So over to you Drive Tribers. Show us what you've got.

Photography Credit: Manufacturer