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2y ago


KrawlZone was in the thick of it, during the inaugural Trail Hero event which took place at the Sand Hollow, Sand Mountain OHV area event outside Hurricane Utah. You’ve heard us talk about this area in Southern Utah for years, but his event took the epic landscape to a whole new level.

Rich Klein, who put on the event, really thought outside of the box. He brought everything “off-road motorsports” under one umbrella. Fun trail rides, a bounty hill, a WERock competition, the Lasernut Rock Race, and of course, the Trail Breaker. It’s not every day we get to open up a new trail but Rich has taken it to a new level by opening up a trail with an all new event. Ten of the top rock crawlers were invited to help break open an all new extreme rock crawling trail.

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The competitor who got through it the fastest would not only get bragging rights, but would also name the trail. This year the winner was Jeff McKinlay and he named this new trail “Iron Man”.

Additionally in this episode, we went out on the trail with the Wheelers for the Wounded, TnT Customs. We also catch up with Charlene Bower and get the inside scoop on the all new Ladies Off-Road Network she has created.

There was so much happening at this event that it just wouldn’t fit in one episode. BUT Keep an eye out. At the top of the year as we release a documentary about Trail Hero that will include the War Hero ride by Novak Conversions, and more detailed interviews about the event and what it takes to be a Trail Hero. We will discuss off-road environmentalism and what that means. We also provide access for special needs folks. Plus, the healing power of off-road for Vets and the intimate connection of off-road family. All this and more coming 2017.

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