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Special series Citroën 2CV 007 celebrates its 40th anniversary

In 1981, the James Bond movie “For your eyes only” featured a charming guest star – a yellow Citroën 2CV

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In 1981, the James Bond movie “For your eyes only” featured a charming guest star – a yellow Citroën 2CV.

Riding the wave of the movie, Citroën launched a limited-edition that celebrated the unsung hero of the twelfth film in the Bond franchise. The secret agent has to rely on the small Frenchie after his Lotus blew itself up, and the 2CV doesn’t let him down - it comes out a bit bruised but still earns itself a place on the movie poster.

Hence, Citroën’s idea of launching a limited series of yellow 2CV embellished with black stickers that include the word 007 in which the 7 forms part of a stylised gun, on the doors, bonnet and boot lid, completing the look with bullet holes – in sticker form.

The car Bond drove (actually, three: two were used to film the chase, the third for the interior scenes only) was ostensibly a 2CV Club painted in Jaune Mimose AC 333, specifically adapted for the movie stunts, whilst the 2CV 007 is basically a standard 2CV 6 Spécial, only painted in Jaune Hélios AC 336 and featuring squared headlights as those of a 2CV Club

© Citroën Communication / DR

© Citroën Communication / DR

Therefore, the 2CV 007 externally differs from the movie car in the shade of yellow, the labels – a bit too unsubtle for a spy, to drive around on a car labelled ‘007’ – and the capote, originally yellow.

But the main differences were, obviously, under the body: for filming the chase, the original chassis was replaced by one from the Ami Super, sturdier than a standard one and equipped with the same 1015 cc engine of the Citroën GS. The exhaust system was modified accordingly to make it sound like a standard 2CV. Sadly, these upgrades haven’t been offered in the series model and, to make things worse, the 2CV 007 still fitted drum brakes.

Speaking of the labels, the ones reproducing the bullet holes were attached at the factory without any predefined positioning on the body, so that no two cars were exactly the same. Citroën also provided the same stickers as a spare part.

© Citroën Communication / DR

© Citroën Communication / DR

The limited-edition Citroën 2CV 007 was presented in Place Vendôme in Paris in October 1981 along with the actors starring in the movie. The series consisted of 1000 cars, 500 of which were reserved for the French market. Today the Citroën 2CV 007 is one of the rarest limited series Citroëns, one of the most sought-after by collectors and unfortunately one of the most counterfeit.

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Comments (7)

  • I saw one of these in a dealership at the time though have never seen one on the road, think Citroen did owners a dis-service by selling the stickers separately (kind of takes the 'special' out of special edition).

      3 months ago
  • No one:

    Citroen: Our car shined more than that Aston

      3 months ago
  • Much as I think it is a cool idea I think the decals were a little too big, did they sell well at all?

      3 months ago
    • I really can't find any source for sales figures, so I can only guess 'yes', but at the same time I won't be surprised if a brand-new one would suddenly appears in a neglected container somewhere.

      As for the decals, the original ones aren't...

      Read more
        3 months ago
    • Yes you have to wonder what was going on, personally I would have preferred a production GS-Dolly hybrid with perhaps a small boot sticker...

        3 months ago