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Speed, style and social distance - Salon Prive 2020

Your comprehensive guide to Salon 2020 - World debuts, old favourites and everything inbetween.

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It was no secret that some incredible machines were to be on display/unveiled at Salon Prive this year. With marques such as Koenigsegg, Rolls Royce and Bentley choosing this years event as a platform for the release of new models, there was no doubt in anyone's mind that this would be one to remember. However, before we get into the specifics of what was on offer, take a look at this short clip. If you still don't really understand what the event is, this should get the petrol pumping through your jugular.

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All caught up? Good - lets talk about the reveals.

The All New Rolls Royce Ghost

'The only things carried over from the prevous car are the umbrella and the spirit of ecstasy'

The Ghost is the best selling car in the Rolls Royce brand history and with good reason. With all the luxury and exclusivity found in the Phantom having been packaged into a more usable size and more affordable price tag, the huge volume of sales comes as no surprise. So when designing a replacement, Rolls were careful to not mess with the design language and ethos - too much. They are keen to stress that the new model is an entirely new car, every piece has been redesigned from the ground up and the results are astonishing. The new Ghost is a perfect storm of presence and beauty - still a Rolls Royce, but now ready to take on the future. The illuminated front grille stands proud up front while, as ever, carrying the spirit of ecstasy on its back. The signature V12 has been retained and updated for the times, now more powerful and (slightly) greener than before. A stunning delivery from Rolls on this one - in the metal it really gives off the 'want one' factor.

Bentley's Mulliner Portfolio

Keeping with a distinctly British and distinctly luxurious theme, we move on to the greatly impressive trio of cars that Bentley presented to the world last week. Those who share my anorak disposition will be well versed in the relationship Bentley has with world renowned coach builder Mulliner. To celebrate the rekindled relationship the two now share along with Bentleys new business strategy, they have collaborated to bring customers a collection of 'new' vehicles. First and most accessible is the Continental GT Mulliner. The new Conti GT is a great car to begin with, but is now offered in an even more bespoke trim known as the Mulliner Collection. The man hours ploughed into this thing are insane, the detail in the seat stitching alone is mind bending, not to mention upgraded interior trim and a specific combination of options that will be custom made for each client. This package takes the Continental to a new level of luxury that is bound to appeal to an equally exclusive cliental. Moving up a level of rare we have the all new, tailored to customer Bacalar. The design on this limited run convertible is sublime, from the ultra-contemporary lines of the exterior to quite possibly the most impressive cockpit I've ever seen - everything about the Bacalar captures the finesse and style you'd expect from a coach built Bentley. Lastly, they gave us the holy grail of Bentleys - the Blower 4.5. Not only have they commissioned the original car's restoration, but they have instated the continuation series. Yes, 12 freshly minted examples of the original will be produced and sold to the highest bidder - quite the opportunity for any die hard Le Mans fans.

Zenvo TSR-S

'The carbon weave is produced entirely in house by us, so if a client wishes to have their daughters name spelled out within the weave - well thats something we can look into'

It wouldn't be a motorshow without at least a little lunacy - enter Danish Hypercar maker Zenvo. The TSR has been around for a while now, but this time, for the TSR-S, everything has been turned up way past 11. Unveiled was a more powerful, lighter, more aerodynamic version of the base car. Mad styling and an unbelievably intricate hexagonal carbon weave make this one a real show stopper and with everything being produced in house by Zenvo themselves, completely customizable (within reason).

Touring Superleggera Aero 3

The Italian coachbuilders who gave us the Disco Volante are back with a new offering centred around all things aerodynamics and racing heritage. The Aero 3 is awash with nods to a number of old school racers, from that huge fin to it's controversial nose - there's no denying it will split opinion regarding its design language. Nevertheless, one hell of a spectacle to witness in such incredible company.

Engler Superquad

This one is downright silly but my god does it look fun. Engler effectively took a new Audi R8, turbocharged the V10 and turned it into the worlds first 'Superquad'. Good to take 2 very brave riders to 217mph, the more streamlined body has retained little of it's donor car aside from the front and rear lights. Completely mad. Guessing the high vis paintwork was just for sh*ts and giggles.

Lotus Evija

Lotus absolutely stole the show with the new Evija. Their first all electric hypercar is both daring in it's design while capturing the essence of Lotus' design ethos. It's clever aero is seamlessly intertwined with it's beautiful exterior and bare bones cockpit to create a thing of real beauty. It's light too - clever weight saving such as the complete lack of dashboard top has made this one of the lightest EV's around despite it's array of batteries. Everything is functional too, even those enormous rear lights double up as air ducts, the overengineering is undeniably satisfying - an EV that manages to be so perfectly 'Lotusy'.

Koenigsegg Gemera

The Gemera is currently on a world tour, but made it (just) for a visit to Blenheim Palace for us. It is everything we hoped it would be, looks mental, carries 4 people, makes well over 1000bhp and does it all without a gearbox. I won't say too much, but take this one in - if you want the details click here for my full rundown.


There's far too much to get everything down so that's a brief cover of the top reveals. If you're after any pictures, details, stories from the event do drop me a message or email me - sammasseyoncars@outlook.com. Here's a few more bits to tide you over!

(Above images are credited to Simon Winson)

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  • The one year I miss the show and the 300+ Chiron turns up and my favourite car. Typical.

      8 months ago
  • What an event this was. Was there on Saturday and I didn’t want to leave! 😄

      8 months ago
    • Great event! What was your favourite thing to have seen? 😀

        8 months ago
    • Probably the Chiron SS 300+ or the McLaren F1 GTRs 😍 What was yours?

        8 months ago