- Anderson Speedway, Anderson, Indiana

    Speed Way, Fight Night

    Road Rage Takes Over

    3y ago


    As you know, when it comes to any sort of racing all the teams involved are quite competitive, What starts as a normal speed way night quickly escalated into a full on brawl between two drivers.

    Figure 8 track

    Figure 8 track

    Shortly after the race had started a couple of cars got tangled up in an accident. It’s not an uncommon occurrence but, it looks like one of the drivers here was blaming the other for the mix up and took it incredibly personally.

    As one thing would lead to another and before things got truly out of hand, the police were on the scene and would end up tasing one of the drivers and arresting both of them.


    At the end of the day, rubbing is racing but this definitely isn’t how you want to handle yourself in any situation.

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