Spied: Ferrari's 2023 hypercar has been spotted in public

This LaFerrari successor is something you should be excited about!

6w ago

Ferrari recently announced its entry into the 2023 World Endurance Championship with the Le Mans Hypercar class. Therefore, what you see here is likely to be the LaFerrari successor we have all been waiting for.

The Italian car maker teased the arrival of its brand new hypercar a few years ago, but we haven't heard anything about it until now. Not only are we getting a new car, but it is also the first time Ferrari has competed in Le Mans since the 1970s.

You may be looking at these spy shots and wondering why it looks exactly the same as a LaFerrari, and that's because this is likely just wearing the body of the old car to disguise it a little better. It will be early stages of developing the powertrain underneath, but we will see its new shape in the coming years.

Speculation is wide on the new hypercar, but it is likely to stil maintain a V12 engine but with electric aids like those seen in the SF90. Either way, it will be better and quicker than its predecessor and we can't wait to see the final result hopefully next year.

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Comments (68)

  • Maybe it's some idiot who thought it would be a funny idea to wrap his LaFerrari like that and drive around so people like us think it's a new Ferrari. Who knows? It's possible.

      1 month ago
  • I'm not really noticing any cosmetic change.....

    although maybe that means the wraps are doing their job😂

      1 month ago
  • it looks like a Dallara Stradale, it's the Ferallara Calidale

      1 month ago
  • You sure that's not just a Laferrari with a terrible wrap on it

      1 month ago
  • Literally nothing different when it comes to looks

      1 month ago