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Saturday 19th 2015: 9:38 am

2w ago


G’day, Guys and Gals Sparrow McGee back with another blog! This mornin’ I will be headin’ to the BNS ute muster and later on tonight the ball, BNS or bachelors and spinsters Consists of Utes, boots and roots. Just like previous years, I’ll be going to the muster with my good mate Billy and his misso Lucy, well…. We all know that they have feelings for each other ever since that day at the lake where she gave him the kiss of life I reckon one day they are bound to get together. Anywayyy just like usual I will be ridin' in the back of Billy’s Holden Kingswood ‘the admiral’ the beast herself, that thing knows how to make some noise! nothing beats the sound of an offbeat idling v8!

And of course, Luc will be driving her Xr8 Falcon. In case you're wondering what a ute muster is, it's basically Judged Showing off, to win you have to be the best hoon. the goal is quite simple, show off as much wheel spin, dirt, dust as possible and tons of circle work which billy is an absolute master of.

Lucy's Rx8

Lucy's Rx8

As always, I will be riding with my iconic cow jumpsuit and go pro to catch all the action in the tub and from my point of view. On other note I think tonight might be the night that I finally tell Mary how I feel about her, I think tonight might just be the right time, with all the festivities’ going on and whatnot I think it could be what our relationship needs. I am hoping that I can manage to tell her tonight I have been waiting for the opportunity to tell her for so long.

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