"Spirit of the gumball".

2y ago


We all know the Gumball 3000. In 2012 it was from coast-to-coast in the U.S. and Charles Morgan and his wife were there. With a Morgan 3-Wheeler.

I wasn´t the only one that think it is an amazing story so Maximillion Cooper and Ali Walker decided to make a film. "The Spirit of the Gumball".

We actually have an official trailer to see.


The trailer said "in cinemas september 2013". No news 3 years later and no film.

What is happening? Charles Morgan remember the trailer on 27th november 2016 in Twitter an I asked him about the film. For an answer I just get a mention to Gumball account like he doesn´t actually knows what is happening.

Until we have a film (I woudn´t count on it) you can rewatch the trailer or read Charles Morgans Gumball Diary 2012 here:


You will find amazing photos and anecdotes about the journey.

And, as Charles Morgan said, "The Morgan 3 Wheeler truly is a different way of travelling and one in which the journey will definitely become just as much fun as the destination. [...] To us it would seem entirely pointless to go to Death Valley in an air conditioned car or to drive through New York with no way of looking up at the skyscrapers above."



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