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Could the future of automotive breakthroughs come from biodegradable and naturally renewable resources, like from wood? The 700bhp supercar is built almost entirely out of wooden composites.

Splinter, it is called and was recently presented at the Essen Motor Show, a creative project by the industrial designer Joe Harmon from North Carolina. For this project, Harmon Havilland Mosquito, the wooden plane from World War II, inspired him.

It’s not only that it is all-wooden, this car is also faster than a Lambo or a Porsche. The ‘Splinter’ car can turn out a monstrous 700bhp from its 4.6litre twin supercharged V8 engine. That’s almost 300bhp more than a Porsche 911.

Made out of environmentally friendly materials with specific, but nice look, under the hood it comes with handcrafted wheels as well as seats. Joe took a basket weaving class so he can make the seats on his own.

The body of this unusual car is made out of laminated cherry tree bark, combined with balsa wood, which is used for boats.

Both the chassis and the suspension are wooden. A unique component of this vehicle is the motor unit, which is centrally mounted and connected to a 6-speed manual transmission. Opposed to everyone’s opinion, the Splinter is quite durable and uses innovative design to overcome such challenges.

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  • Say what you want, that is utterly fantastic, and the inspiration behind it just makes it better. In my opinion.

      3 years ago
  • Twin-supercharged?

      3 years ago
    • I could see it with two pro-charger type units, two different ranges. It would be nice if they'd talk about it a bit more.

        2 months ago