Spofec will give your Rolls-Royce Cullinan Black Badge a crazy makeover

Subtle... this is not

Full disclosure, I don't really like the Rolls-Royce Cullinan. I think it looks striking, imposing, majestic... and a bit ungainly. But that's just my 2 cents. I know a lot of people like it and I guess they may like it a bit more with this mad wide body makeover courtesy of Spofec.

It's based on the Black Badge model and the first thing they did was tune the 6.75-litre V12, adding 105 hp and 118 lb-ft, which means the Black Badge now produces 697 hp and 782 lb-ft of torque. It weighs 2.7 tons but it can do 0-60 in 4.6 seconds, three tenths of a second quicker than the factory model. The top speed is still (limited to) 155 mph.

Spofec has also installed a special module for the air suspension to bring the body closer to the ground (by around 40 mm/1.6 inches), and fitted massive twin-spoke 24-inch wheels developed in partnership with Vossen.

The so-called 'Overdose' wide body kit features fender flares that are 4 inches wider at the front and 4.8 inches wider at the rear along with a new front bumper, a tailgate-mounted spoiler and an aggressive diffuser. They've also modified the interior, with a black-on-black colour scheme with orange accents and contrast piping.

And the price? Well, they didn't say and I'm guessing it's probably upon request. Then again, if you have to ask...

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Comments (7)

  • Big pile of turd

      1 month ago
  • A Cullinan, only worse...

      1 month ago
  • Personally, I don't understand it and I don't think it would be a good look to be seen driving one

      1 month ago
  • For the distinguished drug dealer 🧐

      1 month ago
  • They’ve made it look like a Range Rover I think.

    If I had the money and was going to buy a cullinan, it wouldn’t be this one.

    They’ve even removed the RR leather interior!!


      1 month ago