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Background Information

I​ think the best way to start off this article is to lay down some groundwork and background details, then I will start listing the Pros and Cons of the movie itself.

"​Ford v Ferrari" is best watched with a bit of background information, which, if you are on DriveTribe, I assume most of you already know.

The movie is based on the true story of Ford Motor Company's first racing season. Before they started their racing team, they looked to Ferrari for automotive support (be it engines, chassis, etc). There was a catch. Ferrari could not have their own racing team (Scuderia Ferrari) race at Le Mans, a famous 24 hour endurance race.

​Enzo Ferrari disgusted by this catch, sends the Ford representatives back to Henry Ford II where they are to tell him all of the insults that Enzo hurled toward him and his company.

H​envy Ford II, tremendously angered by Enzo's comments, commits to making a car that will beat Ferrari at Le Mans.

I​n the mean time, Fiat intends to purchase Ferrari for itself.

A​fter many trials and tribulations, Ford is able to perfect a car (the Ford GT-40) that wins Le Mans over Ferrari in 1-2-3 style.

K​en Miles, the main driver for Ford in Le Mans, was killed after a brake failure during a joyride around a track.

L​esser known information covered in the film

With a race against time to prepare for Le Mans, Ford seeks help from Carrol Shelby (played by Matt Damon) and his superstar racing driver friend Ken Miles (played by Christian Bale) to build the Ford GT-40.

K​en Miles was one of the key components in the construction of the GT-40 because of his in depth knowledge of the car and his ability to sense problems by "feeling" the car.

C​arrol Shelby after reading the FiA rulebook found various loopholes around rules, like changing out brake calipers to improve performance over the grueling 24 hour race.

F​or did not want Ken Miles to race for them because they wanted someone who could be a brand image, not a destitutely poor Englishman. The executives of Ford's racing division took advantage of Henry Ford II to try to sway him away from appointing Ken Miles as the head driver.

K​en Miles was snubbed of the victory because Ford executives thought it would be a good idea to have Ken Miles slow down, despite his significant lead, to let the other Ford Gt-40's catch up for a 1-2-3 photo op all together at the finish line.

P​ros and Cons

I​f you have made it this far into the article I'd like to commend you for staying this long. Now we must get into the review section of the article and finally my rating of the movie


T​he introduction of the involvement of Carrol Shelby in Ford's Racing division, such as the joint production of the Shelby Mustang and GT 500.

T​he noises and looks of the car models, Ferrari and Ford, were very realistic compared to their real life counter parts. The two models used in the film were Superperformance replicas that produced around 600 horsepower.

E​ach and every gear change was made to feel exhilarating, especially when the GT-40 was pushing nearly 8000 rpms with a chance of totally falling apart on the straightaways.

Henry Ford II's intent to "bury" Ferrari at Le Mans was brought to a boiling point where he nearly fired everyone associated with the project.

T​he portrayal of how heroic Ken Miles was to his son Peter throughout the film.

C​ons (It's pretty hard to find cons for something that was a real life occurrence)

Christian Bale's portrayal of Ken Mile's accent sounded way more British and almost fake compared to interviews of him from the 60's. (Not really a con but something that distracted me during the film)


The best automotive Movie that I have ever seen

I​ would like to thank you for reading this article and encourage you talk about your experience of "Ford v Ferrari" in the comments.

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