Spoilt 16year old hates the Lamborghini Countach she got for her birthday

1y ago


So this video has been going around the internet where it starts off a dad telling us that her daughter is 16 year old and because the shipping company was late with her present he got her something else to make up for it.

He shows her the keys, she gets excited but gets out to see a Lamborghini Countach and goes off on one. From saying she wanted a 2016 Lamborghini Aventador instead of a dinousaur to complaning about the exterior and interior that she wanted them different colours and the dad couldn't even get that right.

Now, when we watch this video we have multiple questions going through our head. Who gives a 16 year old a Lamborghini Countach as their first car? Surely she can't be that spoilt? Her reactions seems a bit too fake with a smile about to crack multiple times. I mean even the title of the video is "Girl gets Lamborghini for her 16th birthday" instead of well "My daughter gets a Lamborghini for her 16th birthday ". Regardless, check out the strange video below and let us know if you think it's real or fake!

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