Sportage Information Article #472.38

Don't ask where the decimal came from.....we've got BIG and EXCITING news today!

Before we begin, I would like to dedicate this article to my good friend Lukas Pukas the wagon man, who's presence on Drivetribe I usually treasure dearly๐Ÿ˜.

NOW. Just when you thought 'oh he won't squeeze any more boring ass articles on the unrevealed and terrifyingly ugly Sportage spy shots', I have returned from my weekly absence with YET another boring ass article on the unrevealed and terrifyingly ugly Sportage spy shots! Talk about raising the bar.

So, what have we got this time with Kia's rival for the wonderful 3008 and once-forgettable-but-soon-to-be-suddenly-stunning Tucson SUVs. Well, today we lift the covers and at long last, see the car that Autocar have claimed to have a "RaDiCaL nEw LoOk". Like all of my invigorating Sportage articles (invigorating I'm sure you'll agree), this one is based off of words from 'AutoExpress', who's inside information has kind of gotten ahead of Kia in termsof when stuff goes public.

Now sit down for this news, because it may just change your life. You see according to "exclusive images" from the site, we can now see what I am nearly 100% sure IS the new Kia Sportage. The next gen, the holy grail, the lord in saviour in motor form. I hadn't even planned on writing a piece on this but tough luck for you, here we are again. Deja vu?

So let me tell you this car may kill you inside, but for me it might just be everything I was hoping for and more! Tell me what you think now with thr new shot, and I guess I might as well just leave it there.....

Oh well here it is, thank you for reading!

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