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    Being one with a Bike and my passion about Aprilia

    3y ago


    There is something about riding a sports bike fast. Knowing you're often very close to certain death comes with a raw and breathtaking high. Only to get passed by a mate on his sports bike, following his lines and analyzing his riding style. Cornering on a bike isnt easy, cornering fast takes skill and confidence. Look at the tree you don't want to hit and that's where you'll probably end up. You're so much more important to the handling of a bike than in car.Every move you do on bike makes a huge impact on it you can´t simply get more thrills sensation of the speed an machine everywhere . You and the machine have to become one if you want to get the most out of it. Honestly we hear everywhere that speed kills we have more and more regulations from government we hear all the time from non bike persons than we will most certainly die , that we are stupid , hooligans etc, but they never experience the feeling of going on the bike fast i had quite a lot of bikes in my life but the Best is for sure Aprilia yeah they are expensive Italian and they have their faults , but the feeling on Aprilia you can get anywhere else i mean even the sound is special no bike except MotoGP bike have this sound the first time when i get on RSV4 i finally get what is all that about being one with bike for me personaly its most live a motorcycle i ever and will ever had .

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