- Silverstone Podium 2018

You have to wonder who is advising this driver in light of his recent PR faux par and subsequent social media broadcasts. Who manages his public relations? I feel his biggest influence is still Anthony. He was as much of the reason I have found it hard to endear myself to Hamilton from the beginning. There are times where I feel he emits an amount of arrogance who thinks that money allows you to be above recourse. Well I'm sorry but no, it makes you more accountable to those who admire and follow you. With that should bring humility and grace.

Money can buy you training, even experience in the pursuit of perfection, but what is perfection if you can't show gratitude and leadership that those whole follow can look up to when things do not work out.

How could I explain sportsmanship, talent, hard work and dedication to a 13 year old when his idol behaves like the school bully who didn't get his own way and went running to his dad to fight his battle .

Sporting hero's should be above exemplary in both their skills, ability, dedication and even more so in their humility and humbleness in defeat. Two icons of very different sphere that spring to mind are Bobby Moore and Phil Taylor. I was never fortunate enough to meet Moore but I spent an evening with Alan Ball who even though he played alongside him and was an equal in many respects - idolised and wanted to be him because of his persona. Taylor likewise encouraged and inspired people to become better than him and even spent time coaching and supporting them to do that - that to me is a sporting true gent.

If you have ever read about Herbert's Le Mans win for Mazda then you will understand the pure pursuit of gladiatorial battle against the odds, the physical barriers and how it ultimately ended with no euphoria in winning as he was so drained that he had to spend time in rehydration after.

That to me was the pinnacle of a motor sport hero. Forget Lauda in 76, that was egotistical, although heroic and there may well be more that I don't know enough about to comment, but to me, that was a man of true determined mindset, and my God has that man had got humility.

I met Sir Stirling when I was 7. He lived close to where I went to primary school we were privileged enough for him to open our summer fete .

Firstly here was a legend who gave his time to open a summer fete at a tiny village primary school and not only that, he brought along a small powered car and laid out a track.

In an afternoon of battle between the kids, I eventually lost to a guy two years older than me called Duncan. I was inconsolable and in floods of tears.

Sir Stirling took me aside and sat me down and said "you may not always win, but my boy you showed how to lose and how important it was to you without being nasty to the winner as you congratulated him whether you meant to or not".

I still have the book by Douglas Nye that he signed to this day, but I never realised the empathy and wisdom of the words he spoke until much later in life.

For the next year plus I hated Duncan.

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