Sporty Mercedes-AMG EQE spotted with rear spoiler

How will it fare against its ICE counterparts?

17w ago

For a few weeks, a camouflaged version of what is suspected to be the Mercedes-AMG EQS has been spotted multiple times on public roads. Because of the camouflage, one is unable to paint an exact picture however a vague idea of what the car might look like can be formed using some of the more prominent design features. For instance, the AMG version of the recently unveiled EQE sports a sizable rear spoiler and will keep the same body as the standard EQE.

With regards to performance, Mercedes has shared one clue in its press release for the standard EQE as the German automaker promised future performance variants ”with around 500kW”; that’s 671 horsepower, making the Mercedes-AMG EQE level with most supercars.

Though the more expensive Mercedes-AMG EQS 53 produces 751 bhp, it’s unlikely the EQE will match this as Mercedes won’t want the car to outperform its more premium sibling.

There is a small chance that Mercedes will start off by releasing a 671 horsepower version of the EQE in the form of an AMG 53 and will later go on to produce an even faster 63 variant, one which could rival the likes of the Model S Plaid.

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  • thats cool but whens the amg version of the s class comin

      3 months ago
  • Why must all cars be so ugly now? Drag coefficiency plays a minimal part in increasing range, so if we are to move to a dreary appliance like transportation system inhabited by EVs at least we could make them look nice!

      3 months ago
    • Everything looks ugly to you except yourself

        3 months ago
    • Oh my God, I'm dying with laughter. That is definitely the funniest joke I've ever heard.

        3 months ago