Spot of the month competition judged by Clarkson, Hammond and May.

The winner from each month also gets £100 Amazon voucher.

3y ago

Here at DriveTribe we love spots - whether supercars, classic cars, muscle cars or some sort of monstrosity we just love looking at them.

So now's your chance to show off your best spots with the winner of "Spot of the month" being chosen by the trio - Clarkson, Hammond and May themselves. The winner from each month also gets a £100 amazon voucher. To aid them for October, admins from UK Car Spotters will also become part of the judging panel as well as DriveTribe's spotted ambassadors.

How to enter:

Simply head over to our spotted live chat and post your spots with the caption: Entry for spot of the month.

And the rules:

Any quality photo is allowed as long as it's your photo. You are allowed multiple entries so post as many as you like! The competition will run from the 1st of every month and finish when the month ends with the winner being announced within 1 week of the competition closing. Entrants from any location are allowed to enter and lastly the prize is a £100 Amazon voucher which cannot be exchanged for cash or any other alternative.

So good luck and feel free to check out the spotted tribe below to get some inspiration!

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