- Photographed in September 2018 at Adelaide's Concours de Lemons

Spotless 1967 Holden HR

This HR Holden is very nostalgic for me! I had one of these as my very first cars, and I learned a lot from it as I took it from a super-clean original car to a highly modified unreliable piece of junk! To be fair, that was all my fault, not the car's, but hey - that's how you learn, right?

The HR was a great car to modify and learn on, as it was just about as good as things got before electronics started to creep in and make it more difficult to modify things.

It had points, a rotor button, a distributor, pushrods, and lots of space to work on things.

So let's talk about this car a little!

It is a super tidy example which has been kept quite close to stock, but a lot of attention paid to detail. For instance, the steering box (just left of the red ignition wires) has been polished up, as have pieces like the hood release mechanism. I like this - not huge modifications, but it looks great!

More modified is the intake system. The manifold has been replaced with what looks like a Lynx after-market piece, and the single barrel stromberg (a source of leaky needle and seat design) has been replaced with what might be a twin-barrel Holley. The unsightly Air Filter unit is gone, and a sleek polished intake with a more efficient flowing cone filter.

The engine has been given a lift with the rocker cover and the pushrod side plate covers painted silver instead of the usual bright red.

On to the interior, which is really nice! The only change I can see in here is the removal of the column mounted gear lever (the HR came with either a 2-speed powerglide automatic or a 3-speed manual box - both with column shifters). Gears are now selected by the floor mounted gear shift, which is likely attached to an Australian or Opel 4-speed box, a really great modification which improves drivability no end!

I like that there isn't a plethora of gauges, under-dash switches, fluffy dice and other nonsense that detracts from the simplicity of it all.

All in all, this is a really nice car with subtle improvements that don't detract from the original look of what is fast becoming a very collectible and desirable classic Holden!