Spotted : 1946 Nash 600

44w ago


This 1946 Nash 600 is powered by a 172 Cubic Inch inline 6 Cylinder which produces 82hp.

The gearbox is a 3-speed manual with electric overdrive.

The Nash has Coil spring suspension on all corners.

The 600 was so named for the ability to go 600 miles on one tank of fuel, being able to deliver 25.8 Mpg.

Generally credited with being the first mass-produced american car to be built using unitized body/frame construction techniques - the body and chassis being welded as one unit instead of the traditional body-on-frame method.

This allowed for less weight, and more rigidity than the competition.

ANother innovation was the introduction of a new portable body and frame puller for accident repairs. This technique was quickly adopted world-wide.

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