1y ago

Spotted and test driven today: new Alpine A110S at Glasgow Alpine Centre, Hillington

Truly brilliantly responsive turn in and a harder edge variant of the much praised new Alpine A110

Drove it in Sport mode and felt there's no point to normal bimbling around mode where engine, brakes, suspension and exhaust have all been upgraded for a more sporting drive. Wasn't anything near as harsh as online reviews had led me to expect. Very nice driver's car.

Matte grey Gris Tonnerre (Thunder Grey) paint optional extra; black GT Race alloy wheels; "sport chassis"; orange trim highlights

Sadly the original tribute diamond stitched seat sides seem to have been replaced with plain upholstering...🙁

Brilliant overall package though and tempting to upgrade from Premiere Edition.. must be more still to come though where transmission limits upgrade to 0.1 second 0 to 60 improvement over standard A110

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