Spotted : Aussie Muscle - 1971 Holden HG Monaro GTS 350

The 2-Door version of the Holden Kingswood was called the Monaro. This one is the ultimate version of the First-Generation Monaros - HG was the last model update before a new body shape, and the 350 V8 Chev was biggest (and probably the best) engine you could option.

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  • Sweet lord that is stunning. My father had 2 at once when I was very little. The one was a Holden Monaro with a 308 and the other was a Chevy SS (rebadged monaro) which didn't drive. Gorgeous cars. Their prices are climbing

    1 month ago
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  • Looking good. I have to say the original hubcaps were always a favourite of mine. Most have been removed, or so it would seem on rare examples you see these days. Obviously, I’m the only person who thought them good enough to keep. They were backed onto steel rims, so I can understand the need to replace them. I’m trying to think if this colour was original. 🧐🧐

    1 month ago
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    • One problem that I remember is the Holden HUbcaps used to fly off at random times and dash off into the scrub to kill local wildlife. So maybe they're all out in the wild somewhere? :) ...

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      1 month ago
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