- Which car is this? Is that an Alfa badge?

Spotted, but what is it?

30w ago


Who designed this beauty?

Genuine question - what is it?

A trawl through photos from a trip to Brooklands brought up this car.

Nice old Alfa behind it so though so I'm pretty sure this too but what exactly?

This was casually parked up on the old finishing straight behind the big hangar at Brooklands (before it was moved). It commanded attention.

The driver's seat is in the middle and a passenger seat on each side. Which car is this?

That looks like an Alfa badge. What's the history of this car?

Photos above by Babsie Lindsay.

Which car is this? Comments below please.

This is the 1935 Alfa Romeo 6C 2300 Aerodynamica Spider

It's a pretty rare car to just stumble across a car like this during a car show, it wasn't really 'on display' as such, but parked where they usually have all of the buses. Now we know what it is here's some information from the galactic interweb.