Spotted: Crusty Caddy

How did this car get this rusty?

4d ago

Spotted in Bigfork, Montana, this extremely rusty Cadillac DeVille Phaeton has absolutely terrifying levels of oxidation. I don't know how huge swathes of bodywork have given way to pitted and corroded holes, but it has.

Between the mismatched wheels, hand welded brush guard, and giant chunks of missing metal, it's genuinely shocking that the rubber body colored spacers between the taillights and the metal body haven't fallen out. They're known to shrink and expand with the temperature and will fall right out of their hole

The actual pattern of the rust puzzles me. Obviously there are huge swathes of iron oxide where the vinyl roof trapped water for many years, but what's up with the gaping holes on the upper edges of the doors? Are those bullet holes?

What's the rustiest vehicle you've ever seen still on the road? This terrible, terrible Cadillac has to take the cake for me.

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