Spotted : Ferrari 348TB

4w ago


If you've followed my posts for any length of time (thank you!) then you'll know that I am a big fan of the very under-rated 348 Ferrari.

I'd seen this one around the streets of Adelaide a couple of times, but never had the opportunity to chat with the owner, who turned out to be a nice guy!

He's had this very pristine example for about 4 years (IIRC), but feels it is time to move on and play with something else, so if you want his details drop me a DM!

The 348 was the last V8 car that Enzo Ferrari had input to, also the last "Analog" Ferrari. No power steering, no woosy driver aids.. Just a nice power-to-weight ratio, great handling, one of the best braking systems put on a road car (straight from F1) and obviously eye-catching good looks.

What more could you ask for? Pictures you say? Here you go - Enjoy!

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  • Test drove a convertible once that was going for a song,for a Ferrari. Turned it down. Probably the worst car to emerge from the gates of Maranello

    29 days ago
  • The owner of this has exquisite taste. It would be interesting to see what he ends up with next

    1 month ago
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