Spotted: New 911 992 parked naked in the street! A 992 GT3 too?

2y ago

Yesterday, during my morning commute I casually came across a dozen of (apparently) Porsches! Some covered, some not. What a lucky morning! I didn't really took my time to admire and analyze what was there, but I immediately noticed the 992 911 parked, in blue, and it was absolutely stunning to look at. BUT, the interesting stuff shoud be (obviously) what is covered by those black blankets. For what I've seen, the thing that actually caught my eyes, is the car on the right of the Blue 911, because one thing really pops out from underneath: A WING! Could that mysterious car be the new 992 GT3? Maybe it was there to being tested in the Alps? Who knows. Anyway, have you noticed something else interesting in the photos that I haven't? Let me know!

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