Spotted: New BMW M4 Cabrio at the Nurburgring

Yes, it has the new grille design. And it's brown, very brown.

35w ago

For many, the M3 and M4 are the typical 'M cars' - when 'M' is mentioned, those are the ones we think of most. Immersive handling, incredible performance, and an accessible price all come together to make a range of true performance icons.

BMW M4 Cabrio specification

The newest generation of M4 coupe has already made its debut during 2020, and it seems the Cabrio version is next in line after the M3. While they will be more expensive than previous generations, the power has also been boosted. This, in collaboration with the new M4 being lighter than its predecessor makes for a very exciting combination.

The downforce has also been tweaked for this new model, with a more targeted distribution of downforce and stiffer, reworked suspension to improve handling even further.

M car purists will be happy to hear that base versions of the M4 will be RWD-only, while M xDrive AWD variants will be available (at extra cost) but these too will have 2WD toggle as per the current M5.

BMW M3 and M4 'pure'

Interestingly, BMW is planning to release entry-level M3 and M4 variants. Designed to be a 'no frills' drivers car, the internal name of 'pure' gives a hint at the stripped-back nature of these models. They will have a little less power at 460 rather than 480hp, but they will be the only M3/M4 variants without the standard 8-speed auto.

BMW M4 Cabrio engine

Power for the new M3 and M4 comes courtesy of a twin-turbo 3l straight-six, known as the S58. The most sophisticated inline-six ever developed by BMW's M dvision, it features water-injection to cool the high combustion temps, but unfortunately has been 'throttled' with a new gasoline particulate filter.

According to a source from the BMW M department, the 2020 M range will also include a four-door M4 Gran Coupe, though nothing has been officially announced from BMW yet.

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Comments (22)

  • No but it does look better in camouflage!

      8 months ago
    • Oh and by the way there will be a black styling pack or a night edition eventually which when ordered in black paint will be the best looking 4 series there is..... because the grill will be invisible!

        8 months ago
  • Spotted? How can you miss that beak only a mother could love? 🤣

      8 months ago
  • It does look better than the coupe. I'm actually starting to like the grille. I'd prefer something a bit smaller, but it looks much more aggressive. Aggressive, not pretty

      8 months ago
    • A gorilla taking a shit also looks aggressive. Doesn’t mean I want my Bavarian sports car to look like one. Is BMW trying to compete with Lexus all-of-a-sudden?

        8 months ago
  • It just doesn't look good at all with that grille

      8 months ago
  • Why is no one mentioning that it’s a soft top...the previous M4 was a badass hard too drop top, and so was the 3 series convertible before that.

      8 months ago