Spotted RARE Yellow Ferrari Enzo

      Who didn't have a poster of this magnificent beast! An icon from the early 2000's and a rare yellow one has been spotted.

      1y ago


      Auckland New Zealand. The unexpected location this beast of a super car was located. 399 were made and sold to the public, the majority in Red with only 30 in Giallo Modena Yellow. Before carbon fibre was a sort after finish in cars, this 2002 Car came onto the scene climbing its way into all of our hearts. At the time the styling on this gave Lamborghini a run for their money.

      When i was 6 years old i was given a model of this car which sits on my desk today so to see one in person was a dream come true, the car is currently on a small New Zealand tour so if you are based there, get in the car and go find it. It exceeds expectations in person, as mostly all cars do, but this one is extra special. To see it at the 'Big Boys Toys' event amongst a drifting Huracan and the new GR supra, watch the video below- Drive Tribe


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