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Spotted: TC by Maserati

I passed this car and thought it was just another LeBaron. But I noticed something else.

2y ago

So back in the 1930's, Chrysler made the first LeBaron. Actually the chassis was from Chrysler and the rest was from LeBaron (thanks wiki). Somewhere between then and now Maserati lost a bet or something and made this thing pictured.

While I was driving, I spotted what I thought was just a LeBaron sitting and rusting away because no one wanted it after grandma passed away. BIG DEAL! I thought that.

This was all a pretty quick process, I was on a radio broadcast at a car dealership about an hour before and on my way back to the station I spotted it... I passed it... and it didn't take long to think that something was different. The rear window. Its removable hardtop featured a round window kinda like a Thunderbird.

I was then pretty excited and immediately turned around and when I got back I was up close to my very first in person sighting of the TC by Maserati.

The excited emotions were there and quickly gone because what I was looking at was literally a re-badged LeBaron with softer seats and a bit of a tail light shape change. It's still awesome though and a lot more than just putting a different badge went into making the TC. But seriously... it's a LeBaron... It's a LeBaron.

But the late '80s and '90s were weird like that weren't they? I found one of only 7300 TC by Maserati. And it was purple.

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  • I had a lot of fun in a buddies turbo back in the day...

      2 years ago