Spotted:Renault 7 (TL)

It may not look like a special car but... If you look carefully you indeed can see why this car called my attention, The front already looks like the Renault 5`s front not to mention it`s a pretty rare car to see on the area, I couldn`t care less if it isn`t fast or quick... junkers like this certainly call my attention just for the rareness factor alone.

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  • Many junkers deserve love too. This is one of them.

    16 days ago
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  • My brother owned this car I think.

    We are in the states and my grandfather was the only person I ever knew that owned Renault’s. He had 3 that I know of.

    Gave his last to my brother. I’ve never seen one since, but this might he one.

    Pretty much crap

    16 days ago
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    • You should got the amc/renault "le car", the " siete" (7) was exclusively made in spain, for spain

      15 days ago
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    • I know what you mean. I recall the le car, but the one i vaguely recall predates that. Mid-late 1970’s I think.

      Le car was early 80’s.

      I’ll try to look it up, but mostly don’t care. Lol

      15 days ago


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