Spotting; a place full of rare cars!

Found a very cool place to spot some very rare and interesting classic Cars last Sunday!

2y ago

Here are some very cool spots of rare and interesting classics! Enjoy ;D

Porsche 911 Carerra

walking up the street... first I saw a very nice white restord Volvo 240 GL, but saddly I missed to take a photo of it... Then I found this just around the corner...a Porsche 911 Carerra, even more beautieful if you stand right bevor it!

Then..there was this locked up behind a fence. A Jaguar XJ

Jaguar XJ

behind a fence...left alone...

behind a fence...left alone...

top conditions!

never saw one of these bevore!

never saw one of these bevore!

Jeep Fireengine!

I was amazed by this one! It´s a Fireengine with a Jeep badge on it! Is it real, does anyone know? Very cool spot!

Audi 100 Quattro estate

dont see them every day, not even here in Germany! I like it, it´s somehow of a age when Audi was cool actually, in my opinion.

Its brown

Its brown

VW Derby

But it gets more rare! This is a VW Derby. Saw this for the first time I guess...and its brown...



Land Rover Series II

Then I walked across the Highlight of this hidden Carpark... a Land Rover!


nice color! can you guess whats behind it?

Opel Rekord Coupe

Yep! Its a Opel Rekord Coupe! Probably you dont know that one...

And then...I found a shed!

Not quite sure what was in that shed, but I´m quite sure I saw a Porsche Racecar, anothe 911 Targa and even a Alfe Romeo Montreal, but I´m not quite sure about that one.

Citroen 2CV

Found this newer version of the 2CV at the back...

Dead VW T1

Behind the shed, I found this. A VW T1, rusty and not to be used, well as Bin-shed at least...sad.

more spotting by me:

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  • The Jeep fire engine is super cool! Too bad about the bus though

      2 years ago