- I can't walk away and not take a pic...

Spotting your own car!

1y ago


Most of us (if not all of us), car enthusiasts, are always looking around for a nice car to spot and as soon as it appears, it immediately stands out 'cause we know it's a nice car. Has it ever happened that you are driving in traffic and all the sudden you kind of see out of the corner of your eye a tail light or a roof line among all the cars and right away you think: that's a [enter car name here] and then say to yourself, nice! Has it happened to you? I know it happens to me all the time.

But I think this doesn't just happen with other people's "nice" cars. For most of us, we take pride in our rides and I would think whether it's a McLaren P1 or a Pinto, we like to see our car as well and go: nice! I for one love seeing my cars... and sometimes when I'm walking away from the car after I park, I turn my head just to see it and sometimes if the background calls for it, take a picture. The same when I'm walking towards the car and I see it there, shining, and I'm just too weak so I take out the phone and snap another pic. I even go as far as looking around, when I'm driving, for glass doors on shopping centers to see the reflection of my car because it's even better when you can see it in motion! I might sound crazy but I even look at the reflection of my car on other cars... especially on dark cars which gives me a nice view.


I couldn't resist

Going back to seeing your car in motion, there's no better feeling than watching your car in motion. You could see a car identical to yours moving but it's just not the same as knowing, that's MY car! Back when I first got my RCF, my wife took a short video as we left the dealership and even though it's a short clip and there's nothing special about it, I love watching that clip over and over.

So every time I spot a cool car, I either take a good look at it or take a pic, sometimes even a video but definitely the cars that get most of my attention are my own. I have hundreds or maybe thousands of pics of cars and a good bunch of them are from my own cars. I know I can't be the only one like this, how many of you guys do the same thing?

See? I'm not lying, I take pics of my cars every chance I get lol

Mine's the 300zx with the big front mount intercooler in the center of the pic... just in case lol

Even when they get dropped off for service

Even at the house