- Spyker C8 Preliator Concept (Image Spkyer N.V.)

Spyker is Back?

Spyker announces new partners, and plans to produce 2 sports cars and a SUV

1y ago

Boutique Dutch sports car maker has announced a new collaboration agreement between Spyker Ltd., SMP Racing, BR Engineering, SMP Racing Monaco, Milan-Morady SA, and R-Company GmbH that could see the production of new Spyker cars in 2021. Through the collaboration agreement Spyker has announced plans to start production of the Spyker C8 Preliator in 2021 followed by the B8 Peking-to-Pairs SUV and B6 Venator sports car.

If you think you’ve heard this Spyker story before, it’s because you have. Since the failed attempt to save SAAB, Spyker has a repeatedly announced new investors or partnerships, unveiled a new concept car, and then seemingly disappeared. Time will tell if this new partnership is the one to get new Spyker models on the roads, though this deal does seem to have a little more momentum than the last.

Firstly Boris Rotenberg, (SMP Racing and BR Engineering) and Michail Pessis (SMP Racing Monaco, Milan-Morady SA, R-Company GmbH) are Spyker fans and owners. Michail Pessis: “Since Boris Rotenberg and I ordered our first Spyker [sic] almost a decade ago we passionately fell in love with the beauty and craftsmanship of these hand-built sportscars.”

Secondly, they already have some history of working with the company. Design firm Milan-Morady SA has reportedly been working with Spyker since 2015, and BR Engineering and Milan-Morady have, according to the press release “already been involved in the development and production of a number of Spyker C8 Ailerons in so-called Limited Edition BR configuration in our German facilities.”

Spyker Aileron LM85 Commemorative edition designed with Milan-Morady (Spyker N.V.)

Spyker Aileron LM85 Commemorative edition designed with Milan-Morady (Spyker N.V.)

Under the partnership it appears that the new models will be produced at R-Company in Germany. R-Company will also be providing support and servicing for the existing 265 Spyker cars. The group is also planning to open an ‘International Flagship Store’ in Monaco in 2021.

Since his attempt to save SAAB, Spyker CEO Victor Muller has had a bit of a rocky road trying to bring his sports car company back. It appears however from the ashes of the SWAN era, Muller may have finally found his Phoenix. A timeline of the post SAAB Spyker can be found below.

December 19, 2011 SAAB Automobile files for Bankruptcy

April 18, 2012 Parent company SWAN changes its name back to Spyker N.V.

August 27, 2012 Spyker announces that Youngman Ltd. has acquired a 29.9% stake in Spyker N.V.

March 5, 2013 Spyker unveils the B6 Venator Concept

August 16, 2013 Spyker unveils the B6 Venator Spyder Concept

December 2, 2014 Spyker NV enters financial restructuring

July 29, 2015 Spyker NV exits financial restructuring and announces a planned merger with Volta Volare, an electric aircraft manufacturer. (This was supposed to lead to a Spyker SUV being unveiled at the 2016 LA Auto Show, SpykerAero branded planes, and all Spyker vehicles being available as ICE or electric.)

March 7, 2017 Spyker announces a new engine deal with Koenigsegg

November 28, 2017 Spyker announces the end of Aileron production

August 30, 2018 Koenigsegg confirms that engine deal with Spyker has fallen through

August 28, 2021 Spyker announces collaboration agreement with SMP Racing, BR Engineering, SMP Racing Monaco, Milan Morady SA, and R-Company GmbH

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Comments (3)

  • I hope so! Spyker is beautiful

      1 year ago
  • I hope this time will be the one, and that Spyker won’t bankrupt with the cash of the customers (who are always waiting for theirs cars) as the last time... The CEO have made many mistakes, it’s hard i know, but Pagani have success, Mc Laren too (even if they came for the Competition), SSC too, Hennessy, Gumpert, Ariel Atom etc etc

      4 months ago
  • Excellent article! I’m glad to see there coming back. Their cars are so unique!

      1 year ago