- Above: The Spyker B6 Venator

Spyker returns with some big plans up its sleeve

Your favourite Dutch car company is back, and this time running off funding from a Russian oligarch.

It perhaps goes without saying that Dutch bespoke automaker Spyker hasn't exactly had the greatest run over the course of the last couple of decades. Despite making some (read: fewer than 300) incredibly beautiful vintage aero-inspired cars since the modern Spyker Cars company was founded in 1999, ill-fated attempts at entering into the world of Formula 1 and saving Saab by buying it from General Motors have culminated in the company going quiet for the past few years due to its tough times financially.

While the last news we heard from Spyker before now was back in 2017 when a special edition C8 Aileron was announced to commemorate it ending production, a recent press release has confirmed that the company is finally back, and with some big plans up its sleeve as it goes forward.

With the Spyker Group having been given a financial lifeline by two motorsport companies – BR Engineering and SMP Racing – owned by Russian oligarch Boris Rotenberg and business partner Michael Pessis, who also owns R-Company which has in-house carbon fibre production facilities, the new deal involves the reintroduction of the Spyker brand back into the new car market, and it could well be as soon as next year.

Above: The Spyker C8 Preliator

Above: The Spyker C8 Preliator

Keen to hit the ground running, Spyker is set to recommence production in 2021, starting with the C8 Preliator that was first shown at the Geneva International Motor Show in 2017, with its first international Flagship Store set to be opened in Monaco at the same time to show its hand-crafted cars "to its discerning clientele in the proper setting."

A new production plant is set to be opened in Germany to facilitate this re-entry into the car world, with it set to offer both after-sales and servicing facilities for owners of the 265 previously-built Spyker cars there as well.

Following production of the C8 Preliator commencing, the company's plans also include putting the D8 Peking-to-Paris SUV – an SUV is key to having any chance at success these days, of course – and B6 Venator into production as well, which were first previewed in 2006 and 2013 respectively.

Above: The Spyker D8 Peking-to-Paris

Above: The Spyker D8 Peking-to-Paris

It's yet to be seen what drivetrains any of the company's models will actually feature, as links to the Volkswagen Group previously saw it utilising an Audi V8, while the Peking-to-Paris was originally slated to feature a W12 and the Venator was supposedly to feature a 375bhp V6 of unknown origins.

A deal was struck up between Spyker and Swedish hypercar manufacturer Koenigsegg back in 2017 that would supposedly see an exclusive 600bhp V8 designed and built by Koenigsegg being utilised – however, not a single engine has yet been produced thus far.

Long-term plans for the company naturally include a re-entry into the world of motorsport at some point as well – naturally, given its motorsport company backers – but for now, the big takeaway of this announcement is that there could be three new Spyker models entering production very, very soon.

Now that's very, very exciting if you ask me, but what do you think?

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Comments (35)

  • I will lose every ounce of respect i had for them if they make that god-awful SUV

      23 days ago
  • That Spyker SUV is the ugliest car I've ever seen. No questions please.

      23 days ago
    • Yes, as much as I like their other designs... that SUV is a monstrosity the likes of which are rarely seen.

        23 days ago
  • I am all kinds of wound up about Spyker. So glad this company can fight on another day. Their cars are art as much as function. LOVE IT!

      23 days ago
  • Away with Victor Muller, and bring back life into Spyker. This beautiful company needs someone that is capable of running a company like this. Spykers are around for more then 100 years and they are an important piece in the history of cars. I really hope it will turn out well for Spyker this time

      22 days ago
    • Agree with you Chris, spiked has made some beautiful cars. But a Russian? TVR had the same fate

        19 days ago
  • Viktor Muller (Ceo Spyker) can talk well. But what to beleive? There’s so much nonsense coming out of him.

    Like Spyker, but don’t trust the man that bought Saab...

      23 days ago