Sri Lankan Die Cast Collectors Reunite at Big Bash 2019

Sri Lankan Hot Wheels Collectors bid goodbye to 2019 in style

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The Sri Lankan Hot Wheels Collectors group (SLHWC) is purely responsible for my recent passion for all things die cast. What started off as a simple addition to a Facebook group has come a long way. The group has been instrumental in spreading the hobby across the country, with passionate collectors inspiring newcomers to expand the collections and explore new models. Hence, the annual flagship event of the group, the Big Bash happens to be the biggest gathering of like - minded collectors in Sri Lanka. The Big Bash is the hallmark event of its kind in Sri Lanka, which brings collectors, vendors and even those with a passing interest together, to a plethora of activities. This year's Big Bash concluded last Wednesday (11), at Rajagiriya Ecofelly Bird Park premises.

This year's Big Bash was not short of crowd - pleasing attractions, ranging from unique collections, mega discounts on cars, exquisite dioramas, raffle draws, auctions and the distribution of Event Car with another auction for the "Special" Event Car.

The dioramas surely caught the eyes of visitors very well. Passionate collector Harith Gunathilaka and his friends set up a small diorama and customizing venture called B7 Custom Works, and has been churning out some exquisite dioramas for collectors since. His know - how in building precision scale models for his studies in Architecture makes Harith's work very formidable.

Another unique attraction was the handmade models.

The auctions usually capture a lot of attention, as some unique models tend to go under the hammer in each occasion.

The Big Bash also gives an opportunity for the customizers to showcase their potential, with a custom competition.

The winner of this year's competition was well deserved.

The Event Custom for Big Bash 2019 was Tomica Premium Lamborghini Diablo, adorned in a shade akin to 30th purple.

The Special Event Custom

The Special Event Custom

Overall it turned out to be another successful venture for SLHWC, and the collector fraternity in the country. The gathering of like minded collectors has crafted strong bonds over the years and it wasn't different for this iteration as well.

The SLHWC crew with some of the old-timers of the community

The SLHWC crew with some of the old-timers of the community

Last but certainly not least, the photos were used with permission from the photographer. All the photo credits go to Haleef Ismail, another integral member of the community, avid die cast/ railway / aviation enthusiast and a very talented photographer. You can check his photographic ventures on Facebook and Instagram. His YouTube channel may be of interest to anyone with a passion for trains in particular.

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