SSC coming out with more affordable sports car to go along with the Tuatara

    A baby Tuatara is on the way!

    4w ago


    SSC, the new holders of the land speed record for production cars, is set to come out with a new, cheaper alternative to the Tuatara.

    And it has some big shoes to fill, because SSC has only built two cars in the history of the company: the Ultimate Aero and Tuatara, both of which held/hold land speed records for production cars. In fact, the Tuatara currently is at the top of the speed chain, with a top speed of 316.15mph. No sweat for the Tuatara's younger brother.

    The entry-level SSC is meant to be cheaper and slower, which is ironic considering what the estimated figures are. While the Tuatara has a starting price of $1.9 million, the baby SSC is predicted to have a $400k-$500k price tag, according to a report from Motor Authority. That price tag places it in Lamborghini Aventador territory.

    That means the baby SSC will have around 700-800hp, yet again putting it right on spot with the Aventador. More likely than not, that will come from a lessened-version of the 5.9-liter V8 in the Tuatara, which would normally make 1,750 horsepower.

    It's crazy how the Tuatara makes the 500k look cheap and 800 horsepower look small, but that's just how massive the figures are on the Tuatara. We have no official word on when the latest member of the SSC will make its appearance, but whenever it does come out, it'll undoubtedly be a beast.

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    • Sounds much better than the Aventador!

        1 month ago
      • INDEED! And if I’m not mistaken, the Aventador is almost 10 years old now right?

          1 month ago
      • To be honest, that’s not what bothers me. Lamborghini has become the mainstream supercar brand lately, and for the price I’d want something unique!

          1 month ago
    • And people have been decrying the uselessness of that top speed run. I stand on the side of engineering and technical development. Here we already seeing their tech stepping down a notch toward mainstream already. It won't be long until others either benchmark SSC's developments and improve upon them or develop their own competing technology. That's how it works. While still WAY out of my price range, and most others as well, it is only a matter of time. Same with electric cars. Development costs take time to recoup.

        1 month ago
    • What is their definition of affordable?

        1 month ago
    • SSC Gecko lmao

        1 month ago
    • "More Affordable"

        1 month ago


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