SSC is aiming to break the 300mph record with the Tuatara

Beware Bugatti, your crown is in danger

2d ago

After becoming the fastest production car to date, the SSC Tuatara will attempt to break the 300mph record currently held by the Bugatti Chiron.

In an interview with Muscle Cars & Trucks, SSC's head honcho Jarod Shelby said: “To me I think if we can be the first car that does 2 passes at over 300 mph, and we do it in 2.3 miles, I think it’s a statement.”

He said that SSC don't want to disclose where they will try and break the 300mph record but he thinks that the Tuatara is capable of dethroning the Bugatti Chiron as it has a theoretical top speed of 345 mph.

That's not all. SSC will also try and break the Nurburgring lap record with the Tuatara. It seems that the Tuatara is going to be one of the most significant cars in history.

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Comments (19)

  • I hope they've got good brakes.

      2 days ago
  • Do you think they can pass 300 MPH and beat Bugatti? @tribe

      2 days ago
  • here we go again...

      1 day ago
  • It feels weird to say this, but this car and his numurous failed attempts are allready not interesting me anymore. They've lost a large amount of credit. Even if they make it to 300 mph, it still isn't the same as a Pagani, a Koenigsegg or something else in that ball park.

      1 day ago
  • It can

      2 days ago