SSC said the Chiron's speed record wasn't valid in the first place

    SSC hits back at speed record scrutiny by claiming that Bugatti faked their record speed run.

    3w ago


    Just recently, American carmaker Shelby Super Cars (SSC) took the world by surprise with a new production car record, dethroning the Koenigsegg Agera RS' 277.9mph (447.2km/h) recognised top speed. Bugatti set out to reclaim the title from Koenigsegg with a modified Chiron Super Sport that managed over 300mph (490.5km/h), however it's SSC that has been next to take the spotlight with its Tuatara - claiming a two-way average top speed of 316.1mph (508.7km/h).

    A few days after SSC's runs, studies and speculation from several analysts and external sources have revealed that there are some inconsistencies between the tests, which have been explained well in a video by YouTuber Shmee150.

    Hitting back at the scrutiny, SSC's Chief Executive Officer, Jerod Shelby, stated in a recent interview with Road & Track that the Bugatti Chiron is incapable of hitting the 300mph+ speeds that Bugatti had submitted.

    Despite not going for the actual record, Bugatti have claimed that their Chiron is capable of going even faster than they have already tested, however SSC rebukes this by stating that the Chiron's drag coefficient, gearing and outright power makes the car physically incapable of reaching Bugatti's claimed speeds.

    This sharp statement made by SSC was made regardless of the verification provided by Bugatti via an extremely accurate VBOX system.

    Shelby protested that the maximum speed a Chiron would be able to reach due to its construction and aerodynamic constraints would be 286mph (460km/h), explicitly stating that "you and I or a lot of engineers can calculate what that theoretical speed is. The Chiron in a theoretical world, can do 286 mph. And that's in production trim."

    Shelby also stated that Koenigsegg's tested top speed for the Agera RS is theoretically correct, but didn't disclose any information about the theoretical top speed of the Tuatara.

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    Comments (73)

    • They should prove their own record first

        27 days ago
    • Deflection. I want to see the GPS data from SSC's run. Put up or shut up.

        27 days ago
    • SSC really didn't need to accuse Bugatti of faking their run. It just makes them look worse

        27 days ago
      • Agree; although the headline of this article is misleading. Jarod was pointing out that the modified track only Chiron posted speeds of 304, when “theoretically” it should ably be able to do 275. In other words, all the armchair engineers...

        Read more
          27 days ago
    • So SSC is basically throwing a tantrum because there record was proved fake 🙄

        27 days ago
    • The Chiron SS was a one off modified car that isn’t a production model. So no it should not count. SSC needs to prove theirs too or else Koeniggsegg should keep the title

        26 days ago
      • Bugatti never claimed it counts, that is why in previous runs they did proper two way averages, whilst only doing a show off with the 300 mph run.

          24 days ago


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