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SSC Tuatara Suffers Damage During Transport, Delaying Vmax Run

This will be awful.

4w ago

The SSC Tuatara finally became the fastest car in the world, for real this time. It's not enough for the hypercar maker, though, and they are still hunting for the 300mph-breaking run. But that'll probably take a while.

Peter Holderith from the/DRIVE got the exclusive scoop on a mishap that has now rendered the lone Tuatara unit that SSC completed all banged up. The culprit? An incident involving the car's carrier trailer in Utah en route to Florida for the fated run. While trucking along Interstate 15 in Ogden, north of Salt Lake City, strong winds gusted the trailer, tipping it over and damaging the car inside.

Jerrod Shelby immediately went to assess the damage, which, according to him, at least didn't involve much of the running gear. "At first glance, we thought it was going to be pretty severe, but it ended up not too bad at all," he told /DRIVE. "We're well into the repairs, and fortunately, it didn't touch chassis, drivetrain, suspension, any of that."

He seems confident that the Tuatara can go back into working condition in "weeks, not months," saying that they have all the things they need to fix the car. But this is still a big liver shot to the big goal of breaking 300 outright, especially when SSC has literally just ONE CAR on hand to do testing with. Let's hope they can get it together, though.

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