Ssingssingee, Hyundai's anthropomorphic car, is back

In an animated web series!

10w ago

After its last appearance in the 2009 Hyundai Elantra hybrid commercial, Hyundai teased Ssingssingee's comeback on September 1st, 2021 in the description section of the reuploaded 1996 Ssingssingee commercial.

And in September 3rd, 2021, the first episode of the series 'Return of the Ssingssingee (돌아온 씽씽이)' was officially uploaded.

The first episode of Ssingssingee starts with Ssingssingee getting involved in a collision and waking up after many, many years.

Ssingssingee, upon waking up, hears from the professor 'Phony (폰이)' (Hyundai Pony, 1st gen) that he had a memory blackout, and to retrace his memories and find out who crashed onto him... he has to go back to 'Daehyeon University (대현대학교)'.

A Tesla appears as a girl 'Tesli (테슬리)' who 'had a drink' with Oniq...

A Tesla appears as a girl 'Tesli (테슬리)' who 'had a drink' with Oniq...

Guided by 'Oniq (오닉)' (Ioniq 5), the rest of the episode continues on Ssingssingee, a '1996-2003 guy', adapting to the car world of 2021. While feeling outdated in terms of technologies, culture, and popularity, he later does show off the true aesthetics of the 90s-00s. This also leads him to retrace his past (the birth, the climax, and the fall), and meet his lover (Hyundai Avante/Elantra (J2/RD)) again after a long time.

Hyundai's 'Return of the Ssingssingee (돌아온 씽씽이)' currently has two episodes, and will be uploaded weekly. They are also holding an event in the comment section - you can participate by picking your favorite scene in the episode, then leaving a comment about it. Do mind that currently, only Korean voice/subtitles are offered.

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  • I remember getting one of those toys as a hand me down from one of my cousins lol

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