STAINLESS IS MORE. ‘The 28’ Boardtracker From Indonesia’s Kromworks

It's been a shiny week. First there was Walt Siegl's polished Ducati, and now this stainless beast from Indonesia's Kromworks. LOVE the shiny.

3y ago

I’m trying to figure out the point when Indonesia stopped being a destination for drunken Australians to embarrass themselves in and started being about incredible little custom motorcycles. It might have been when Deus opened a store in Bali, or it may have been when more Aussies started getting locked up for drug offences. But whatever the reason the result of a burgeoning custom scene are bikes like this one – an amazing lil’ Cleveland CycleWerks boardtracker made by Indonesia’s Kromworks.

The custom scene in Indonesia is nothing to be scoffed at. We recently spent some time in Java for Kustomfest, a gathering of mad minds from across the Indonesian archipelago and increasingly, the rest of the world. A walk around the show reveals some astonishing motorcycles – there’s more creativity in one square metre of Kustomfest than an entire acre of sad fat customs at a US cycle show.


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  • It's a blatant Ian Barry (Falcon) rip-off.

      3 years ago