STAINLESS IS MORE. ‘The 28’ Boardtracker From Indonesia’s Kromworks

2y ago


I’m trying to figure out the point when Indonesia stopped being a destination for drunken Australians to embarrass themselves in and started being about incredible little custom motorcycles. It might have been when Deus opened a store in Bali, or it may have been when more Aussies started getting locked up for drug offences. But whatever the reason the result of a burgeoning custom scene are bikes like this one – an amazing lil’ Cleveland CycleWerks boardtracker made by Indonesia’s Kromworks.

The custom scene in Indonesia is nothing to be scoffed at. We recently spent some time in Java for Kustomfest, a gathering of mad minds from across the Indonesian archipelago and increasingly, the rest of the world. A walk around the show reveals some astonishing motorcycles – there’s more creativity in one square metre of Kustomfest than an entire acre of sad fat customs at a US cycle show.



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  • It's a blatant Ian Barry (Falcon) rip-off.

      2 years ago