18w ago

Stainless Steel Porsche 911 at the Deutsches Museum Verkehrszentrum in Munich. Just one of the amazing cars I've seen in my holidays.

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  • Hello @tribe, how's your holidays been?

      4 months ago
    • They have been alright car wise, went to Silverstone where I met and had a great chat with Frank Stephenson (tho our Audi quattro broke on the way home) Exhibited at a couple car shows, filmed some YouTube videos, and actually got published in...

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        4 months ago
    • Sounds like you had an amazing time :)

        4 months ago
  • Woahhh

      4 months ago
  • Good

      4 months ago
  • Wow amazing Valentina happy holidays!

      4 months ago
  • I've thought about wrapping my MX-5 in a stainless steel color. Love the look.

      3 months ago