Stalking The Details

So with this post i want to focus on something that sometimes is over looked when some people shoot long exposure photography and use light painting. Over the years i have seen more and more light painting which i love as a boost to push my own work further and my boundaries. I enjoy following other photographers from around the world evolving there own work and growing there styles. But occasionally there is an element missing something so simply over looked and thats using the method of light painting to capture the details.

I have noticed a few photographers who will create the most amazing light painted photography of the subject as a whole but then decide to use flash's / strobing to do the details. Now this does have its place and i am definitely not saying its wrong but its worth maybe giving this technique ago into other areas of a shoot. So what i am going to show in this post is a couple of shoots where i have used light painting to show off the details and make those elements pop more like the designer may have imagined them to look like.

Ok so lets look at some examples of exterior Details

Ok so thats a brief example of the sort of look you can achieve with light painting the exterior elements as you can see you can end up with a nice studio look with a bit of practice. One of the things to also note when light painting is how different paint finishes or materials need to be respected and how different body shapes also react to the light.

Ok so the next element i want to show you guys today is using this technique on interior work again this can really help to transform the look and feel of a shoot.

Ok so there you go i hope this helps you to be inspired and try some new techniques when your out shooting.

Keep your eyes peeled for another blog soon.